Alt Influencer & Fashion Blogger

YanniDelRose.com was created by Fashion Influencer and Blogger Yanni Del Rose. Yanni felt that it takes some courage to really put yourself out there on such a big platform on the daily. Yanni had to think and plan what she wanted to share with her audience and craft a mold of an image. In 2016 Yanni created YanniDelRose.com , her vision was to show the world that fashion has no limits; omitting gender roles and breaking the norm. Yanni wanted to create a place to display her day to day outfits and showcase the various of clothing brands she has worked with throughout the years, and how her styles each OOTD look. Synonymous with her fashion style, her hair is always changing like a mood ring. 

Yanni was born in NYC and moved to Toronto in 2008, she started off modeling for a few Hair Brands, and very several catalogue shoots. Yanni thereon proceeded to go to Humber College, undertaking the study of Fashion Arts, culminating to her degree at Ryerson University for Fashion Communication. With all of her knowledge of the fashion and marketing industry Yanni subsequently started to direct in editorial photo shoots, and worked as a Creative Director for a variety of brands in Toronto. She worked in the marketing field as well, for a few years as a Media strategist. Yanni has always been unique, and calls herself a “moon child” born from another planet, a night owl, and vows to truly stay unique and always herself. 

In Spring of 2019 Yanni was published in Refined Magazine, where she spoke in detail about what is Alt Fashion: "Alternative Fashion is defined by genres such as Goth, Grunge, Urban, and Punk. For. Particular period of time, these genres stood apart of the mainstream and the mass appeal of commercial fashion.

Fashion is only one of my many forms of person creative expression. My preference of fashion is when its fluid and not fixed on one specific look. This allows me to continually evolve with my styles and as an Alternative Fashion Blogger."