About Me

Fashion Influencer | Digital Artist | Filter Ar Creator
Yanni Del Rose is an International Fashion Influencer and Alternative Blogger currently based in Vancouver, BC Canada. She has worked with 400+ brands worldwide including H&M, Etah Love, Dolls Kill, Koi Footwear, Kill Star, Lamoda, and the Fairmont Hotel.

Born in the Manhattan district of New York, Yanni entered the fashion industry at 16 years of age and quickly established herself in the New York fashion scene as a hair model then transitioned to modelling for clothing catalogues. In 2009, Yanni moved to Toronto to continue her modelling career and at the same time pursued a Business Program of the Fashion Arts at Humber College, by which she received a Degree at Ryerson University for Fashion Communication.

With all of her knowledge, and extensive background in the fashion industry as a Creative Director, Writer, Stylist, and Model, it was from there that in August 2016 she launched her Instagram platform and Fashion blog www.yannidelrose.com. Yanni’s vision and main objective was to show the world that fashion has neither gender norms nor boundaries, and also most importantly, that her style is a forever evolving journey. 

Right from the very beginning of Yanni launching her blog, she has worked extremely hard at achieving full creative control over her image. This she accomplished by styling her own hair, makeup, and composing her own outfits, all the while acting as Director, Location Scouter, and Editor of her OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) shoots. Almost overnight, fashion companies quickly recognized and admired Yanni for her unique style and creative approach, so much so, that they wanted to build an ongoing relationship and partnership with her to represent their brands visually through her platform. It was at that point, that Yanni ’s career took off, and as a result, she became involved in numerous campaigns, ads, etc,.

Instagram & Facebook Ar Filters
During the pandemic in 2020, Yanni found a creative outlet that allowed her to express her artistic abilities. It was around that time when Spark Ar started to allow Digital Creators to join its program, that Yanni joined its community. Combining her background in graphic design, coding, and photo editing, she began designing her own diverse and unique filters that were then launched on Instagram and Facebook, as well as temporarily creating filters for many brands, such as Dolls Kill, House Widow, Current Mood and for a few other Social Media Creators, and actively working as a Fashion Influencer on her platform. Eventually, Yanni's role changed, as she now no longer designs filters for companies, and currently continues to work as an Influencer and Content Creator as her main focus. 
As of 2023, Yanni has been awarded by Spark Ar for achieving a milestone of over 8 million views and insights from her 8 published filters on Instagram and Facebook.