Good Vs Evil

I appreciate the way you watch me I can’t lie

Hello beauties it’s been a minute! Your girl needed to take a break from social media for a bit! I had to focus on my health physically and mentally! It’s been a bit rocky for the last 6 months or so Ngl. Anyways, I’m doing much better and I’m excited to bring you lots of upcoming summer looks! Like these stunning satin dresses by @atomeeglobal I can’t enough of the whimsical sleeves and unique design pattern! Atomee Global is a new and upcoming brand that offers great trendy pieces for affordable prices! Additionally, you can save 15%off with my discount code YA15.

Now we need to talk about this beautiful pendant necklace made by @bellalilijewelry About a month ago Bellalili Jewellery and I started chatting back and forth about creating a one of a kind piece, something that I can rock often and that represents my brand well! Something that makes me feel like the main character from a witchy type of novel! So thus our collaboration started! Bellalili Jewelry creates such original concept designs using all types of gorgeous crystals and uses sterling silver for the cast of their pieces. Their style is dark whimsy vs a more obscure macabre aesthetic. They make such unique pieces that are simply stunning to look at and wear!

I told Bellalili how I was fascinated by the contrast of a piece looking “angelic” from far away but the closer you look you can see that it’s quite devilish and a bit twisted! As you can see in the fourth photo the necklace has these two hellions on the side of the cast made of sterling silver and a teardrop rainbow moonstone in the middle! Bellalili had made their settings to fit the stone perfectly and incorporated Zbrush to create their designs. I just love the end results! I had a lot of fun being a part of the design concept and seeing Bellalili bring the piece to life!

Oh and how cute are these white chunky platform heels by @onlymaker_shoes my new fave! ⠀

wearing my @irresistibleme_hair extensions in style #60platinum blonde! Save 5% off your first order using code IrresistibleMe_Yanni

Using #coastalscentsmakeup Smokey palette on the eyes and 25 shadow blush pallet!