Oversized Suits & Mini Bags

Theirs just something about getting lost in the city of Vancouver on a Friday evening, wearing simply an oversized suit with a pearl necklace and platform sneakers that speaks to my gothic soul. I love spontaneous walks throughout the city it’s so therapeutic. Especially when you have the perfect outfit to go with your mood.

If you saw my previous post I was carrying my new favourite mini bag by @amazingsong__official Their bags have quickly made a great impression on me. The designs and structure of these bags are so original and creative. My intuition tells me that this mini bag along with a few other pieces from this company will be very popular really soon. Amazing Song bags are already well known in Asia, and they are slowly making their way to North America.

Make sure to check out @amazingsong__official page and let me know which bag you would like to see me style in an upcoming shoot!

Fit by: @hm
Pearl Necklace: @shopaestheticnoir
Platform Sneakers: @killstar

#HMxME #AmazingSong #KillStar