The Future is Green

Let’s have a chit chat about how we can start living a sustainable life!

We can do some of the smallest adjustments in our daily lives that can overall make a big impact in the world! For example, we can start to be more cautious from where we buy our clothes from, to how much we consume overall. I’d like to typically always choose quality over quantity and while shopping I like to think of the longevity of the pieces I buy from.

I want to introduce you all to @capeclique they are an eco-friendly fashion apparel brand committed to providing high quality at an affordable price for the free-spirited soul. ⠀
Cape Clique commits to sustainability by having biodegradable natural fibres as their primary material like these tie-dye overalls and ⠀
Sleeveless vest top!

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Oh, and how cute are these light blue glasses! They are a part of @hm Innovation Of Science story collection, and are made of 100% recycled plastic.

Vegan leather boots by @currentmood