Living Out of the Binary

Ever since I can remember I have been quite androgynous and gender fluid. I’ve never really been interested in wanting to transition to become a trans woman as I’m quite comfortable in my skin, loving the person that I am, without having to fit in a mold or image in today’s society.

One could say I fall under the ‘non-binary’ umbrella. For the last few years I have identified as non-binary, but never put applied the label until just recently. For those who don’t know what non binary is, let me offer a brief description: The idea that there are only two genders is called a ‘gender binary’ because binary means ‘having two parts’ (male and female in this case). Therefore, ‘non-binary’ is a term used to describe genders that don't fall into either one of these binary categories. 

I have never been on hormones or had any feminine reconstructive surgery, but I do have many naturally occurring feminine features. in this regard, I would have to say I am more masculine internally but feminine externally. I believe that gender sexuality and gender expression are all fluid; that there should not be binary boxes that one has to check for your gender identity, and no single category that conforms to societal norms.

Cultural norms emphasize and reinforce stereotypes of how one should act and behave according to your outward appearance. I’m here to break that norm. Me along with thousands of others out their on social media who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

When I created my blog and platform over five years ago, my primary goal was to illustrate that fashion had no limitations concerning gender. I remember a time when I wanted to create a blog, or be a part of the then-popular site ‘’, but it was uncommon to find gender fluidity. There were no fluid bloggers (before influencers became prevalent) at the time. There was nobody, for that matter, who represented themselves authentically without being highly criticized. In fact, at the time, everyone looked and dress the homogeneously. There was no representation for the range of different body sizes, tones, ethnicities and members of the LGBTQ+ community on these platforms. 

It’s crazy to think how much has changed in these last ten years mostly thanks to social media, and amazing how people are changing their point of view regarding gender norms, gender expression and sexuality. Growing up, I remember a very dark time when femininity was not celebrated if you were a man. Now almost everyone is highly accepted and welcomed into different communities, and this is beautiful to see!

My pronouns are now they/them