The Little Black Dress

 just another Saturday night🧛🏻‍♀️⠀

A little while back when I posted wearing this @houseofwidow dress it was my first time ever wearing a little black dress on and off camera. I’ve never worn something so small and fitted before. I barely ever wear dresses overall. I know it may not seem like a big deal but it was for me. I felt a little uncomfortable on camera and out of my comfort zone, and I ended up taking down the post. But after some time trying it on and wearing it out, I feel 100% way more confident and comfortable in this fit! 

I just had to re-shoot this little black dress but this time styling it with my @houseofwidow traitor platform boots and @darkerwavs mini bag. The photos for this shoot turned out great, and I like the overall outcome this time. I love this dress so much! The material and design is everything! I want to keep pushing my comfort level and try new styles or pieces that I haven’t worn in the past! I love challenging myself and growing as an individual with my style and overall aesthetics. You can find this full fit at @dollskill site!

Confidence is key in everything you do especially when it comes to posting or shooting for social media 🖤