Genderless Fashion Brand

⁣Let’s talk about this all black fit by local Canadian and gender neutral clothing company @shopaestheticnoir ⠀

Today I am wearing Aesthetic Noir’s pocket bomber jacket styled with their culotte pants, a black turtle neck crop top and a beautifully crafted natural 9mm pearl necklace. I have worn a few pieces by Aesthetic Noir in the past, and love not only the quality of their garments but what they stand for.⠀

All of Aesthetic Noir clothing is gender neutral/genderless and androgynous. They do not distinguish their clothing between men and women. However, they have separated their clothing items into feminine and masculine styles.⠀

I too believe that all clothing and material items should be genderless and not have no specific gender that’s assigned to them. I have a strong feeling that in the near future we will have more companies that take this genderless approach to their brand, and not separate their clothing based on assigned genders. Presently I only work with companies that have these morals and are pro LGBTQ+ as well as having a diversity in their brand.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t wear just because it’s targeted for a specific gender. Remember you make the clothes, you bring these items to life. You have all the freedom in the world to wear whatever the hell you want. If someone doesn’t like it then that’s their opinion, and their opinion should not matter to you when you are living your authentic life to the fullest. Live your life for you not to please those around you. Dress the way you want, and be the person you want to be internal and out.
♡ x