Back From Another Break

Hii I’m still here, still bringing it to ya!♥ 
Ohh how good it feels to be back! I know I went MIA again, but I have a goos reason why I haven’t been as active on social media or posting/shooting as much. For the last almost five years I’ve been shooting street fashion content outdoors even in extremely cold weather -30C and below, and over time it can really start to affect your health. Where I live in western Canada, December through February are some of the coldest months of the year, and we typically get weather warnings to stay inside. Last year I hit my comfort level with these extreme weather conditions and decided from there on that I was going to be putting my health first, and shooting second, and any other kind of partnerships/collabs I have has to wait. I know you can’t tell how cold I am in my photos when I’m in the snow but behind the scenes, I’m dying In between each shoot. I’m just really good at hiding my expressions while the camera is on.Last winter I got severe frostbite on my hands, and my nails almost all fell off, I was getting sick often and always felt extremely weak from shooting outdoors. I have low blood sugar and my feet and hands are always cold and being in extreme cold weather just makes taking photos outdoors ten times harder. Though I’ve been in this province for 7 years, my body still can’t handle this type of weather. Luckily in the last week or so the weather has started to warm up a little, and I’m back and I’m ready to bring you a lot of alt looks!! Oh, what we do for the gram! 
Thanks for @dollskill for this super cozy teddy coat it’s keeping me warm through this chilling weather, and this @darkerwavs bag is my new fave. Also, thank you to all the brands I work with for being very patient while I was away!