Drip Me In Chains

 I just wanted to give a big shoutout to one of my dearest friends @7ergelxrd , owner of @7rv.shop for making me this custom made rib cage body hardness! I styled it with their cyber belt and razor blade choker. I truly love this combo, theirs so many different ways to wear these pieces! You guys might be familiar with @7rv.shop I’ve been repping their chains since the beginning! Pretty much every single chain necklace, choker, belt or chain accessories I wear are by them! 

@7ergelxrd I’m so proud of how far your brand has come and the craftsmanship you put into each of your designs, they just keep getting better and better! You are such a talented designer and I'm so excited to see what other designs you come out with next in the near future! Make sure to follow and support @7rv.shop they are a gender neutral & LGBTQ+ Canadian company from Toronto. They hand make everything from scratch and offer a lot of custom designs. ⠀

Also, I just can’t get enough of these boots from @darkerwavs love a good clear platform! Can’t wait to show you more goodies that they sent me! Just in time for the spring!