Living In The Windy City

Living in a city where it’s mostly windy and cold can be challenging at times when you’re trying to capture the perfect outfit shoot outdoors! So you have to just make do and work with these weather conditions, not looking forward to -40 C in the next upcoming months though. 

This post is for all my fashion creatives on Instagram. I have some questions to ask you down below! I want to get to know your mind a little bit more! 

-What are some things that you take into consideration while photographing content for your Instagram account? 
-Do you have a specific theme or aesthetics that you like to follow?
-Perhaps a colour palette that you are always drawn to wear? 
-Do you use filler photos on your profile to separate your images from the rest? And if so why?
-Do you like to spread the same shoot/outfit/look on your profile a few different times? 
-Or do you like to shoot brand new content in every single post like I do?! 

When it comes to shooting my OOTD I consider my Instagram flow in every single shoot that I do. I want everything to be balanced and for it to all flow. Lately, I like to wear black, white, and grey shades, and spread those shades throughout my page in different outfits. I also like to use a variety of locations with similar backgrounds in grey tones in my photographs, no colour backgrounds, or anything too distracting. I like for the focus to be on the subject and the outfit when it comes to my street fashion shoots. Editing my backgrounds black and white in my images work well with the shades I wear and complement each other and flow nicely. 

I get DM’s constantly asking if I use a preset on my images or how I edit my photos and I will be sharing some tips in an upcoming post, real soon!