A Stay At The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

At times like this you need to just get away, even if it’s not that far away. 

Something about travelling in the autumn is truly magical! I prefer It versus going on a summer holiday. About a week ago my partner and I headed to Edmonton for the first time, we both were not sure what to expect but very excited to go on this adventure. 

Prior to the trip, I had a collaboration in works with the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton. I was truly excited about this partnership and to finally experience my stay at the Fairmont!

As soon as my arrival at the Fairmont the staff’s hospitality was remarkable! Everyone seemed very kind and helpful. It was such a long eight-hour trip and all I wanted to do was spend some time with my love and take in the city, so it was nice to be treated well, and feel welcomed. 

The Fairmont hooked me up with a beautiful king suite with a view to die for on the 7th floor. You can see miles and miles of the golden leaves and the banks of the North Saskatchewan river it was so breathtaking.

(check out my Instagram Travel story section for more videos and photos of my stay) 

The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald is such a stunning place, it almost resembles a mini gothic castle. The back patio where we took these photos has some of the best views in the city, and so many great spots to take photos for any occasion. The dining was perfection, and every meal tasted so well! 

Spooky thrills: 

This 116-year-old hotel has some scary stories of its own. The staff at the Fairmont mentioned that in the evening hours the night audit team and Royal Service Attendants frequently receive phone calls from the 6th floor guest rooms that are vacant. Night audit would go to the guestroom in question and check the room and phone to make sure everything is in order, once back at the front desk the same room would call back down. Some colleagues of the hotel believe the ghost is one of the previous Room Attendants whom had a sense of humor.

Another story I was told was about the 8th floor. The story goes that when the Hotel’s foundation was being laid back in 1914 one of the horses, while carting large stones down into the base of the foundation was injured. It is rumored that the horse had to be put down and it was too time consuming to remove him from where he lay so they continued on and finished the foundation with the horse permanently entombed. It is reported from both of the hotels staff and guests that they have heard horse hooves; or the famous “clip-clop” on the 8th floor hallway and in the basement of the hotel late at night

 After hearing these spooky tales you know your boy had to check this out for himself. My partner and I took the elevator to go to the eighth floor, and as soon as we got there we both felt a very airy feeling the closer we got to the middle of the hallway. We explored the level, and found some very interesting photos on the floor that date all the way back , they gave me a very creepy feeling but it could’ve been just been the photographs themselves. 

Overall my stay at the Fairmont Macdonald was extremely delightful and I would definitely recommend this hotel if you ever come to Edmonton.