4 Year Blog Ani

Two weeks ago on August 13th marked my #bloganniversary and I’m truly fortunate to do what I love full time as a Fashion Blogger and Alternative Influencer. I know it’s hard to believe that it’s already been four years since I launched my platform and blog. I had wanted to become a Blogger for more than a decade, but I had to craft the image and plan what I wanted to share with my audience. ⠀

What a lot of you may not know is that I attended Humber College and completed a fashion communication degree at Ryerson University a few years before I launched my blog. I also have over 8 years of experience in different fields in the fashion industry so everything really came into place when In 2016 I created my blog, my vision was to display that fashion has no limits, breaking the norm and omitting gender roles. I wanted to display my day-to-day outfits and showcase some of my favourite brands and the roots of my admiration for them.⠀

Jump to 2020 I have worked with almost all of my favourite brands, 275 companies in total and I have been a part of many great opportunities and I’m forever extremely thankful for that. ⠀

My advice for anyone wanting to become a Blogger or a Content Creator is to keep pushing through, be original, be weird, be unique, stand out and be influential! If you want to make this your full-time job just start small and make the right moves to make a brand for yourself and turn that into a business.⠀⠀

Be cautious of a lot of scammers out there. When brands or companies truly want to work with Influencers or Content Creators they should never ask them to buy their products or be part of any “ambassador program” all that is complete BS and I want my followers to be aware of these scammers. This is not a collaboration. Most of them are just buying items wholesale that are stolen designs or concepts from other brands and try to claim it as their own. If a company truly wants to work with you they would have a team member reach out to you via email. They wouldn’t comment under your posts or tell you to Dm them, 9/10 times it’s a scam.