Neon Look

How do you guys feel about the neon trend wave? Are you over it or still here for it? I like to Incorporate the vibrant colours into my wardrobe, either in full monochromatic or mixing it up with some black pieces. In a way it’s quite funny because I’m typically drawn to darker shades or dual colours, I guess something about neon Intrigues me because it’s the complete opposite of my preferred wardrobe pallet. ⠀
Did you know that in the 1980s it wasn’t just pop culture that was responsible for the rise of neon. It was the people of the 80s themselves. The neon colors just perfectly symbolized the rise of optimism all over the country. Neon clothing became popular because it was fresh, it was bold and bright. Fast forward to 2019 and now 2020 where the sudden surge of neon has been resurfaced and has had some comparisons with the 80s. ⠀
What do you think the says about society now? Are we just recycling vintage fashion trends, or is there a deeper meaning to wanting to add a burst of colour to our wardrobe? ⠀
So many questions to think about, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Also, how sick are these dragon acrylic glasses by 🐉