Alternative Dragon

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the alternative fashion scene let me inform you some interesting facts. 🐉 ⠀⠀
Alternative fashion as defined by genres such as Goth, Grunge, Cyber, Scene, Urban, and Punk. For a particular period of time, these genres stood a part of the mainstream and the mass appeal of commercial fashion. Alternative fashion is all about expressing yourself as an individual and not about fitting into the “norm”. It allows you to decide what you choose to wear instead of being forced by the mainstream media.⠀

In general, Alternative or ‘Alt’ Fashion does not conform to widely popular style trends of the times that have widespread popularity. It may exhibit itself a fringe style, extremely attention-grabbing, and more artistic than practical, but it can also develop from anti-fashion sentiment that focuses on simplistic utilitarian drives. ⠀
As an Alternative Blogger and Influencer fashion is only one of my many forms of personal creative expression. My preference of fashion is when it’s fluid and not fix on one specific look. This allows me to continuously evolve with my style and with my overall aesthetics.