Instagram Model Vs Influencer-Blogger

Hello, everyone. Throughout the years I have been asked several questions about my content. For instance, who takes my photos, and am I a model? Or an Influencer? What’s the difference? ⠀

So, yesterday, I did a Q&A on my Instagram story. I wanted to answer your questions below and break it down for you guys so you can have a better understanding. ⠀

Yes, I’ve worked with numerous people who have taken my photos throughout the past four years. It has always been with the camera that I have invested in since day one, and it’s been under my direction. I pick every location, background, set up, and edit and compose all my images. The person taking my photos role has been simply to execute my vision. ⠀

I’m not a model, though I do have a lot of respect for them. There’s a fine line between being a blogger/influencer and a model. The best way for me to explain this is by saying that models are more like a blank canvas, they have a team of people who dress them up and put them together to form a mould. ⠀
While a blogger or an influencer is typically projecting their own personal style throughout their platform. We are in control of our overall image. ⠀

For example, as an influencer, my schedule is never the same! Each week the day varies depending on whether I am shooting outfits, travelling or working on a sponsored/paid partnership blog project. I schedule meetings, collaboration and events in the morning so I can spend a lot of a solid chunk of time at my computer later in the evening. I am a night owl and work through all hours of the day, including late-night meetings with brands all over the globe, from Japan to the UK, styling products from brands for an upcoming photoshoot, answering emails, editing photos and more. ⠀

Additionally, I do my own hair, makeup, and style myself for each shoot. When I work with brands, I choose everything I wear and how I want to wear it. I would say I’m more of a content creator that composes the overall image, I’m aware of my Instagram theme, the colour palettes I chose to wear, and how it all works cohesively. My days are packed, but I love every second of it and wouldn’t change for the world ♡ #thisaintahobby